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Black Hearth Tiles

(2 customer reviews)

Price on request

Plain (+£3.00) *

Edge Tiles RE (+£3.50)

Corner Tiles REX (+£4.50)


Black Plain 6″ x 6″ which is used to form your own hearth or to tile and inner chamber where a stove or basket would sit or even if you simple prefer to tile the area behind your fireplace

We can also supply Rolled edge tiles and Corner Tiles for customers wanting to make there own hearth

2 reviews for Black Hearth Tiles

  1. Rob W

    The service was amazing.

    The service was amazing. This is the first time in my life that a delivery has been promised ‘between 11am and 12noon’ and it has actually arrived. The tiles were delivered at 11.05am.

    The tiles were perfectly packaged so that they weren’t damaged in transit, and each of the tiles was without blemish. Would I recommend your service to others? Without hesitation, yes.

  2. Rebekah P

    Inexpensive but effective

    Great, inexpensive solution to finish off the recess of our fireplace which we needed to raise to match the level of our new granite hearth. These glossy black tiles feel hardwearing and although unseen when the fire is in place, give a level surface which matches in colour and finish. Would recommend!

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