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60 Sets of Cheap Fireplace Tiles to go online

Here at Castfireplaces we are having a little clear out of stock we wish to move along ready for our big move in units as we will be moving next door to larger unit.
Over time we have collected what is now a large collection of fireplace related items such as surrounds, hearths, baskets etc. that for one reason or another have never been sent out.
Some items like surrounds we have bought to be photographed with various casts as packages but not got round to it.
Anyway we also have 60 sets of Gallery Fireplace tiles that are from old brochures and all these have been discontinued.
I will be adding these sets to our website this week in our Clearance Corner section and these will be available from £25 which is a lot less than cost price.
We expect them to sell pretty quickly and we do have limited numbers of each tile set on this never to be repeated offer.
They are fantastic value and at a fraction of the cost of our tubeline tiles offer a great bargain and will change the look of any fireplace.
So keep checking back this week I will let you all know when they are online and just to let you know I will be updating stock levels on all the Clearance bargain items as we are running low on some stock and only have 1 London plate now left in stock.

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