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Bio Ethanol Burners for Cast Iron Fireplaces

Here at Castfireplaces we have in the past sourced bio burners for our cast iron fireplaces and have now had made a range of bio ethanol trays to fit our Gallery range.
The units we supply come with the burner tray, a pack of fake coal and also 1 Litre of bio ethanol fuel all complete to slot into your fireplace opening. If you require a bio ethanol fire for one of our fireplaces please let us know and we can point you in the right direction and advise you which one to purchase.
With a heat output of 1-3 KW they emit as much heat as a living flame gas fire and do not require a flue and with very little odour it offers a real alternative to customers with chimney problems.
Please note that we do not supply the liquid. Should you wish to purchase extra liquid please contact Eko Fuel who will be happy to keep you in regular supply.

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