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Broseley Stoves more added to our website

I’m pleased today I have spent an hour updating our website and adding the full range of wood burning and multi-fuel Broseley stoves to our shopping site.
These are now all available to buy directly from Castfireplaces and as we are an authorised dealer you can rest assured we can obtain ay from this range.
So finally we have added all the larger stoves and also the Boiler option stoves completing the solid fuel range, the full range of Gas and electric we hope to complete Thursday to offer all our customers.
The Multi fuel stoves from Broseley really are well built and very heavy with the smallest Serrano 3 weighing in at 85KGthis gives you some idea as to how well built they are and with a warranty of 5 years you can see why.
So if you’re looking for a good stove to heat your home this winter take a look at what Castfireplaces can offer you and as we keep the most popular models in stock we will soon be knocking on your door delivering.
One of great interest is the Snowdon 26 SE which can run radiators too and simply hook up to both combi and traditional heating systems so you have the best of both worlds, we will be featuring all these new stoves over the next few months and explain what they can exactly do.

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