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Can a stove help combat energy price rises?

You can’t’ve failed to see that many energy providers have put their charges up significantly this winter, but purchasing a stove can help you to fight back.
With high energy outputs and efficiency that’s usually in the high 70s in percentage terms, you can certainly feel the heat benefits and the costs are much smaller than other means, with mains gas being the only fuel that even runs it close.
However, for homes that aren’t part of the gas network or those who use electricity, the savings per year can be in the hundreds of pounds, due to a mix of how well stoves work, as well as the relative cheapness of the fuel required.
Not only do you make cost savings, but you also give your home a beating, crackling, red-orange heart that all the family can gather around – can you really imagine everyone huddling around a radiator in the same way?
Take the heat off your wallet and spread it around your home by purchasing a wood or multi-fuel stove from or by visiting our showroom.

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