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Check your stove's CE marking

Since July 2013, all stoves sold in the UK must have a CE – or European Conformity – marking, which indicates that they have passed the minimum safety requirements of the European authorities.
This means that they’ve been checked to ensure that they won’t crack under intense heat, the handle won’t get too hot, dangerous carbon monoxide is controlled and much more.
All the stoves sold at Cast Fireplaces comply with these regulations, but if you look elsewhere, you may find units that don’t measure up.
One common confusion is between the European Conformity logo and that for China Export – this isn’t illegal, it just means that the stove hasn’t necessarily faced the strict European tests.
EU and Chinese officials are discussing how to solve this, but in the meantime keep an eye out.
However, there are some unscrupulous suppliers who will just put a CE logo on something that hasn’t been tested – this is illegal and could put your family in danger.
Don’t take that risk and get your new stove from a trusted supplier instead – head to

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