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Deeper Back For Solid Fuel Fireplaces

Hello again todays little article is about a product we are getting asked for more and more but it only fits a few of our Fireplaces.
Brand new in the 2010 purple brochure photographed with the Pembroke Black Fireplace is an item called Deeper Back for Solid fuel use.
Basically this is an extra back supplied by us to replace the standard back that comes with the fireplaces it fits. It has been designed to increase the area for burning solid fuel for the following three Fireplaces
These three very popular fireplaces have the option of the deeper back which to be fair does increase the size quite a bit and are ideal for customers wanting to use solid fuel fire regularly.
The original cast back is removed and this deeper one bolted on replacing it, as it is not tapered as much it forms a squarer opening and also it gains 65mm depth wise too so you have more room to throw on some more coal or a log or two.
It adds £105 to the price of a fireplace package as we have to replace the solid fuel kit with one with a bigger grate and ashpan too.
The damper flap is the same size with the same design on it so if you wish to use your fireplace for solid fuel regularly consider having one of these three fireplaces and then we can offer you the Deeper back to go with it.
Will add photo next week of the items when I remember to take my camera to the Factory

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