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False Chimney Breast to fit Victorian Style Fireplace

A customer contacted us yesterday regarding fitting a cast iron fireplace and as to whether the Pembroke Fireplace can be used on a flat wall for electric use.
I’m afraid the answer is NO all our cast fireplaces are designed to have a cast iron back on that needs to go into the fireplace chamber as they are designed to be a working fireplace.
The only option is to open up your chimney breast to the dimensions required or construct a false chimney breast from studwork and plasterboard to the required sizes.
If you do have a flat wall you cannot get the depth required to house a cast iron fireplace the false chimney breast option is the best idea.
It only needs to be around 7″ deep to house most of the cast iron fireplaces we offer then you can fit it with an electric fire or the new bioethanol fires we arriving shortly.
This will then allow the fireplace to be fitted to the front of the chimney breast and the back fitted inside the false studwork it will make a far better feature this way creating a chimney breast it looks more authentic than just fitting on a flat wall.
If you do not wish to go to so much work there are alternatives in our Modern Fireplaces Section where you can choose fireplaces that will work on a flat wall but they are not as traditional looking as the Victorian style fireplaces.
If in doubt please contact us and we can advise you what will work.

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