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The Pros and Cons of Flueless Gas Fires

A flueless gas fire could be a solution for people looking to add this kind of feature to their home. With lots of misinformation out there on the benefits and problems to do with flueless gas fires we’ve decided to put together a list of pros and cons and some other information to help you … Continued

You Can Still Have A Fireplace Or Stove Without A Chimney

Many people want a fireplace or two in their homes, not just to heat their property but for aesthetic purposes too. Some may desire a wood burning fire, especially during the colder winter months, when there’s nothing better than relaxing in a nice, warm home, with a roaring fire creating a soothing glow. However, despite … Continued

Balanced Flue Cast Iron Gas Fireplaces

You desire a cast iron fireplace but have no chimney or flue system and want to mount the fireplace on an external wall here at Castfireplaces we have an option that may just work out for you. With the introduction of the H/E gas fires last year from the Gallery range they also have designed a new … Continued

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Do you need a room vent for gas fireplaces

So this is a tricky question we were asked today by a customer as to whether the gas fireplace she is looking at ordering requires a room vent for the installation. They’re looking at the Jubille arched insert which I’m pleased to say does not require a room vent; the reason for this is the … Continued

Pre Cast Flue Gas Fires to Fit Cast Iron Fireplace

Here at Castfireplaces we supply a large range of fireplaces for use with gas fires and there are various different types of flues which your property may have, to avoid making a mistake it’s a good idea to seek some proper advice before ordering. The reason for this little story is a customer of ours … Continued

Gallery Fireplaces HE Inserts available at our Showroom

The range of gallery HE fireplaces are a none internet selling item and are exclusive to retail shops only here at Castfireplaces we also have a showroom where customers can come and view the range we offer and also order the HE gas fireplace packages we sell Gallery say in the fire place brochure “The HE … Continued

What is a decorative living flame gas fire

A question asked this morning by one of our customers as to exactly what a living flame gas fire as and more importantly to them are they realistic. The Gallery range of Fireplaces we supply do have the option in all of our Fireplace Packages to choose gas fires as an option. Also available on the individual … Continued

Do we sell replacement gas fire coals

I wonder if you can help me came the question just after I had finished eating my tea early this evening, we have had this gas fireplace in for nearly six years and use it daily in winter. We have tried using the matt black coal paint which works fine but now they are really … Continued