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How to Choose a Colourful Stove that’s Right for your Home

If you’re tired of looking at your plain fireplace and you’re thinking of updating your open fire or old wood burner to a stove that’s better for the environment, then opt for a colourful stove to create a standout focal point to admire. We’ve teamed up with the team at Arada Stoves to find out their top tips on how to choose a colourful wood burning stove that’s right for your home.

Forming part of your living space year-round, it’s important that your wood-burning stove looks at home throughout all the seasons. Choosing a stove that not only delivers on functionality but on aesthetics too is crucial in order to achieve a focal point that works with your décor scheme and look of your home.

Modern Colour Clash

For a seriously on-trend and modern interior, perfect for homes where character is lacking, choose a bright and bold wood burning stove, such as the Farringdon or i600 model, and pair it with a striking contrasting backdrop to create a focal point designed to catch the eye. A red wood burning stove is perfect for this, simply pair it with a deep, dark and stunning shade of indigo, or opt for a clash of green and orange to create an interior with a whole load of pizazz!

Neutral Schemes

For those of you looking to create a more neutral scheme you needn’t opt for a classic black wood burner. Choosing a colourful stove will help to make your stove the centrepiece of your living room. Whichever colour you choose, pair it with a muted wall colour, such as off-white, and allow your stove to shine within its setting. A cream wood burner looks great when paired with a subtle cream interior, complete the look with a few rustic accessories and a colourful rug for a natural scheme with added depth.

Harmonious Interiors

For a considered and harmonious look, select a colourful stove and a softer matching hue for your walls. A Spice red stove for example, with a dusty pink wall will be sure to create a calming scheme that pleases the eye. For an interior that brings the outside in, opt for a stove in Chestnut and choose an earthy green to complement the colour. Bring in some foliage to complete the look, allowing you to connect with nature no matter the time of year.

We hope the team at Arada Stoves has inspired you to opt for a colourful stove for your home. Browse the full range or speak to one of our sales team staff today to discover the variety of colourful stoves available from Cast Fireplaces.

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