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What are Micro Marble Fireplaces?

Stylish, sophisticated and affordable; it is not hard to see why micro marble is becoming a huge trend. Rising in popularity, many people are realising that micro marble can create a beautiful aesthetic and provide a fireplace to suit almost every style of home without breaking the bank. So, what exactly are micro marble fireplaces … Continued

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A to Z Fireplace Terms

Choosing the perfect fireplace for you can be difficult with a lot of different things to consider. To make it easier for our customers, we’ve cut through the jargon and explained definitions and fireplace terminology used throughout the site. If you still require further help or advice, please contact one of our expert team.   … Continued

Fireplace Buying Guide

Buying a fireplace can initially appear to be a relatively straight forward task – yet an hour’s searching and you may find that finding the perfect focal point for your home is an overwhelming experience. Fear not! We’ve put together a complete guide on how to choose a fireplace, covering everything you need to know … Continued

Fibre Back or Cast Back for Gas Use

On our tiled fireplaces we offer a choice of cast iron backs or fibre backs with our fireplaces and I am often asked why as most people only offer cast iron. The reason for this is the fact you get a better heat output from a fibre back as they reflect the heat better and … Continued

Granite Hearth for a Multi Fuel Stove

Quite often we get asked here at Castfireplaces if you can use a granite hearth when fitting it below a wood burning or multi fuel stove. I’m pleased to say the answer is yes but it’s not just any hearth the only way we will guarantee they will not crack is to section and slab … Continued

Backfilling a cast iron fireplace advice

Quite often here at Castfireplaces we get asked questions regarding installation and how to do things, we are fireplace retailers and know about the products we sell so can often give good advice. Today by email we were contacted about back filling a fireplace, “We bought a couple gallery cast iron gas fires from you … Continued