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How do i seal my Limestone Fireplace

What do we seal the agean Limestone Surround with is quite a common question we get asked from time to time. We do recommend after fitting your limestone mantel to seal it with a stain stop so it forms a permanent barrier against dirt. Some of the surrounds already come pre-sealed but we always suggest resealing after fitting.
As Limestone is a very porous material after fitting we would normally clean surround down then leave it to dry for a few days until it is completely dry then clean of any dust with clean cloth and then apply a good quality stain stop such as Lithofin Stain Stop Sealer this is ideal for limestone, marble and travertine. This product will soak in to the limestone and will leave a slight sheen to the surface but after it has been applied its ready to be used when dry and a barrier against dirt etc. will have been formed it will have soaked into the stone so won’t sit on the top like a varnish etc.
This sealer will stop water etc. from marking the limestone but be very careful with tea coffee red wine and particular fruit juices or vinegar etc. as any spillage if left to sit on the surface still cause unsightly stains its common sense really you wouldn’t spill those on your wooden table and leave it to soak in just mop it all up asap after a spillage.
Stains are hard to remove from limestone as we have said it’s very porous and just sucks the liquid straight into the stone making it very hard to remove so leaving it untreated is not really an option so please after fitting one of our surround get it sealed at your earliest opportunity.
One word of advice when cleaning in the future is not to use furniture polishes or waxes as these can darken the limestone just use clean cloth with a little water on they dry straight off.

Limestone Sealer Stain Stop

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