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Marble Glue is for sale at Castfireplaces

So you have come to fit a marble or stone fireplace mantel and you’re not sure what to use you can use grip adhesives such as white gripfill etc. but most professional fireplace fitters use a product called marble glue.
Very similar to Araldite it is a twin pack glue with a hardener which is mixed to around 3% this will allow the glue to set in around 30 minutes so it has time for last minute adjustments as the mantel is assembled.
We have decided to sell this “trade secret” on our website as we have fireplace fitters who purchase this from us as it’s generally not available off the shelf.
In the past we have also made pretty invisible repairs in limestone and marble as when mixed with the dust from these stones forms a great filler which is nearly identical in colour.
So it’s not essential to use this adhesive as explained before as grab adhesives these days are so strong but if you want to use the same products as to what our fireplace fitter’s use you do have the choice too.
After using on your fireplace mantel it can be also used on other stone products and ceramics so it’s a very handy product to keep in the shed for alternative uses not just for your new fireplace.

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