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What are Micro Marble Fireplaces?

Stylish, sophisticated and affordable; it is not hard to see why micro marble is becoming a huge trend. Rising in popularity, many people are realising that micro marble can create a beautiful aesthetic and provide a fireplace to suit almost every style of home without breaking the bank. So, what exactly are micro marble fireplaces and why should you consider a micro marble fireplace for your next home improvement project.

What is micro marble?

Micro marble is still made from marble stone, but it is considered reconstituted stone.


It is difficult to mine marble; particularly to find a flawless piece that is big enough to work with and offers what customers want, which is a richly coloured piece with an even tone. As there are so many difficulties with marble, micro marble provides an excellent alternative solution to still get great marble quality, without being so difficult to mine and expensive to buy

How is micro marble made?

After marble has been quarried, it is then ground up into a fine texture marble powder. This marble solution is then added to a resin mix, to create an even and flawless marble reconstituted stone, that is ready for a broad range of uses. In micro marble, marble stone features as the majority, with most micro marble featuring at least 95% marble and 5% or less of resin.
Once formed, micro marble has a broad range of uses thanks to its versatility. It is ideal for fireplaces for five great reasons.

Five reasons micro marble makes a perfect fireplace and fire surround

  1. Micro marble is not combustible, making a great material to withstand heat.
  2. Its durability and heat safe properties make it ideal for gas and electric fireplaces.
  3. It is much easier to work with than real marble, which means it can be crafted into a range of stylish fireplace designs.
  4. With marble quality, you receive a stunning marble-style design that looks and feels like the real thing, but with significant cost savings.
  5. Micro marble is much more adaptable which means it suits a range of fireplaces designs, rooms as well as suit a range of home styles and personalities.

The benefits of micro marble fireplaces

There are so many reasons why people opt for micro marble fireplaces, here are just a few of the advantages which showcase the reasons why more and more people are turning their attention to the beauty and style of micro marble.

Even Tone

Marble is a beautiful stone, however, the veins, blemishes and flaws come part of the package. No two pieces of marble stone are the same which can leave customers dissatisfied. There is no control over the colour or tone or veins in the marble, which may mean that when it is ordered, it doesn’t suit the colour scheme of the room, or live up to the expectation of the marble they had seen in photos.
On the other hand, micro marble is even in its tone without unsightly veins and with a smooth colour throughout the whole piece of marble. This means that when the customer sees a photograph of the micro marble, this is exactly what they will receive. Offering complete peace of mind and ensuring that the fireplace can exceed customer expectations.

Vibrant colour options

Micro marble provides a range of beautiful colour options, so you can be sure to find the perfect shade to suit your décor and style of your home. The rich colour offers intrigue and beauty, making your fireplace a centrepiece attraction that will receive admiring looks and plenty of compliments. You can find the perfect shade without the risk of unsightly colour contrasting veins, such as a pure white marble piece without blurred pink veins which are common place in white marble
With a wider colour choice, it makes it easier to adapt your fireplace to suit your existing colour scheme and make a colour choice that meets the characteristics of your home. Whether you have a period home, country cottage charm or a sleek, modern environment, micro marble can suit many types of fireplace designs and all manner of home styles.

Hardwearing and easy maintenance

Marble is liable to chip and crack, ruining the finish of a costly stone. As micro marble is mixed with resin, it is much tougher and much more resistant to damage. Not only is it extremely hard wearing, but it is also significantly cheaper than whole marble pieces, so you really do get more for your money.
The texture and feel of micro marble is very similar to the cool, glossy and robust feel of marble stone, which makes it a very convincing substitute. Unlike marble, micro marble is easy to maintain; simply use clean water to dampen a cloth and run it over the marble surface to ensure a sparkling fireplace and a long-lasting life.

Find your perfect micro marble fireplace

If you want to add style to your home for less, consider a micro marble fireplace. Click here for more inspiration on how you can update the look of your home with a stunning fireplace feature.

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