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Wood Burning Stove Ideas

Warming, cosy and potentially cost reducing, wood burning stoves quickly win over hearts. In fact, a wood burning stove can be an incredible selling point for homes on the market.  In the UK, wood burning stoves have rapidly increased in popularity. More and more households are realising the benefit of wood burning stones. While cast … Continued

Wood Burning Stoves Are The Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

Many people dream of a real fire to light up their fireplace. Stoves can be a cosy and comforting feature that works in every home. From sleek, contemporary homes, to farmhouse cottages, to period homes and stylish new builds, every home can enjoy the aesthetics of a real, roaring fire that provides a beautiful feature … Continued

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Stoves over 5kw output require room vent

Any stove fitted with a heat OUTPUT that exceeds 5KW has to by law have an external vent installed to outside air; these are normally fitted through the brick work and allow the stove to function correctly with a source of clean air. As this is a requirement as part of them being fitted correctly … Continued

Replacement Glass for our Multi Fuel Stoves

As promised a week or so ago I have managed to find an hour yesterday to add the range of replacement glass we stock for all our Multi Fuel and Gas Stoves. We have sourced a great quality product at a fantastic price so we can pass these savings on to our customers, the glass we have … Continued

Real oak beams being added to Castfireplaces Website

So when fitting a stove in a traditional type setting there is nothing better than having a traditional wooden beam sat above the opening it really finishes the look off. So with so many of our customers requesting a real beam instead of the false oak beam we currently supply Castfireplaces has decided to source … Continued