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Can a stove help combat energy price rises?

You can’t’ve failed to see that many energy providers have put their charges up significantly this winter, but purchasing a stove can help you to fight back.

With high energy outputs and efficiency that’s usually in the high 70s in percentage terms, you can certainly feel the heat benefits and the costs are much smaller than other means, with mains gas being the only fuel that even runs it close.

Time to fit a multi-fuel stove

If you walked into a living room and saw a stove blazing away in the fireplace, you’d be hard pressed to say if it was wood burning or multi-fuel, but there are quite a few differences for the owner.

As the name would suggest, wood burning stoves can only take one fuel source which may be OK if you have access to a lot of wood

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Broseley Stoves feature video at Castfireplaces

A new feature on our website is the Video Hub which has been use before featuring videos about Cast fireplaces and our showroom in Langley Mill. We are now starting to add product videos and the first one has gone live today and features some information about the range of Hillandale Broseley stoves we offer on our … Continued

Solid fuel fireplace for winter

One of the saving graces of having a bitterly cold, snowy winter is the feeling of cosiness once you get home and that image is only enhanced by the presence of a solid fuel fireplace.
I bet even imagining a roaring fire is making you feel warm right now

Broseley Stoves more added to our website

I’m pleased today I have spent an hour updating our website and adding the full range of wood burning and multi-fuel Broseley stoves to our shopping site. These are now all available to buy directly from Castfireplaces and as we are an authorised dealer you can rest assured we can obtain ay from this range. … Continued

Granite Hearth for a Multi Fuel Stove

Quite often we get asked here at Castfireplaces if you can use a granite hearth when fitting it below a wood burning or multi fuel stove. I’m pleased to say the answer is yes but it’s not just any hearth the only way we will guarantee they will not crack is to section and slab … Continued

Backfilling a cast iron fireplace advice

Quite often here at Castfireplaces we get asked questions regarding installation and how to do things, we are fireplace retailers and know about the products we sell so can often give good advice. Today by email we were contacted about back filling a fireplace, “We bought a couple gallery cast iron gas fires from you … Continued