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Pembroke Black Fireplace Best Seller

Our best selling combination fireplace of May goes to The Pembroke Combination Fireplace in Black finish this fantastic fireplace is one of my favourites but I prefer the full polish version (which came second). This Combination has always been one of our best sellers and I am not surprised to see it become this month’s winner. We sell the Pembroke on its own as a combination fireplace or we also offer it as a package suitable for Gas, Electric or Solid Fuel use.
With a shelf width of 48” this fireplace is large enough for most size rooms without looking lost on some of the larger chimneys. It is perfectly in proportion and I’m sure this is the gallery ranges best-selling combination fireplace.
The Pembroke has the option of having an extra deep back so people using for solid fuel have the extra room to throw on even bigger logs it comes with a larger grate and ash pan to allow the burning area to increase to a size that’s ideal for solid fuel use. The Cast has a damper flap that opens and closes so when the fireplace is not in use it can be shut to stop heat escaping up the chimney or debris falling down, this damper flap is found in most of our combination fireplaces.
It is quite a simple cast fireplace with a simple arched band and two scrolled sections that sit above the arch whilst being traditional in style it also blends in with modern living with its simple style.
The photo below shows the Black Pembroke with granite hearth and deeper back if you wish to order this month’s winning Combination Fireplace just order online or contact us.

Black Pembroke Solid fuel Package

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