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Solid fuel fireplace for winter

One of the saving graces of having a bitterly cold, snowy winter is the feeling of cosiness once you get home and that image is only enhanced by the presence of a solid fuel fireplace.
I bet even imagining a roaring fire is making you feel warm right now, and you can make that a reality by checking out the wood and multi-fuel stoves on offer here at Cast Fireplaces.
Imagine the scene – it’s Christmas Day, all the family are unwrapping presents around the tree and the Christmas carol soundtrack is supplemented by the gentle crackling of fire burning through the wood, peat, coal or whatever else you’re using as fuel in your stove.
At Cast Fireplaces, we’ve got sizes and styles to suit any room, while modern stoves are much cleaner than in the past – we’ve got many Defra-approved models that are fine to use in smoke exempt zones, while we also have designs that use the airwash system to keep the glass clean.
Have a warm and cosy winter by checking out all the top brand stoves that we’ve got available in-store and on

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