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Stove Glass Cleaner is best for cleaning stove door

On our website we have various care products most of which we have used in our showroom to test to see how they work and if they are any good.
So this week we have tried the Stove Glass Cleaner on our Firefox 12 Multi Fuel Stove which we have on display in our showroom.
As a fully working stove it has the same use as the ones you would have in your homes and we have burnt loads of wood and waste on our stove during our renovations and have not cleaned it out thoroughly for a few weeks.
So the glass is pretty dirty and I thought would be an ideal time to see how it works.
I’m always a little dubious as to whether these products are worth buying but I can honestly say I was impressed as to how easily it removed the soot deposits and black marks that were on our stove glass.
It was very simple to use just spraying it onto a COLD door and left for a minute then wiped away all the dirt which came straight off on the cloth.
A cleaner rag then had some sprayed on and went around the glass doors inside and out and it looked like a fire had never been lit against it.
So I can honestly say the Gallery Stove glass cleaner we sell works really well and I have now taken a tin home with me to use on our tiger plus.
So if you want to put the sparkle back on your stove glass pick yourself up a tin of our glass cleaner it really does what it says on the tin

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