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Sweep your chimney before fitting new Fireplace

Preferably before ordering a new fireplace and certainly before fitting a new fireplace it is important to have your chimney swept and even tested to ensure it can be used.
It is an important part of fireplace fitting to have it swept because if it has not been used for a while it can be blocked by a birds nest or even been blocked by loose bricks etc.
More importantly is the fact that soot and tar that form in your chimney needs to be removed by mechanical means only as it’s very flammable and the last thing you need is a chimney fire.
Chimney fires are caused by excessive build up from soot and tar and is caused simply by a spark igniting these deposits, we always say to our customers to have the chimney swept before fitting as the soot is very dirty and when installing a fireplace work has to be done to the chimney and having a soot fall can make one huge mess in your room.
So make sure before your fitter arrives the chimney has been swept clean and is all ready for the first fire to be lit after the installation and then you can enjoy your new fireplace or stove knowing that the chimney has been swept and is working how it should be.

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