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Ways to Decorate your Fireplace for Christmas

My brother in law runs a plastering firm who do inside and outside work and has plastered a few chimney breasts for our company in the local area.
Something I have seen on his Facebook account today really made me smile it’s from a job they were working on last week.
Now everyone knows how cold it has been recently and how we have all started to light our fires and stoves and even some odd folk have started to put Christmas decorations around the fireplace one I noticed when out walking the dog yesterday.
Well my brother in law has decided to decorate the fireplace too in the photo and make his own fireplace surround which I must admit is quite chunky.
They even have a lovely roaring wood fire burning away in with a nice cup of tea and a sandwich on the mantel shelf but I can honestly say I’m afraid it’s not something we will be marketing here at Castfireplaces it can only be described as rustic but I do love the holly/tree etc.
So for a few tips on how to decorate the fireplace for Christmas which is the main focal point of your room please try a designer not Paul and Kev from A and B Plastering Services.
However good they are at plastering please don’t let these two decorate your fireplace this Christmas and here’s the reason why

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