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What is a Cast Iron Fire Brick for my Fireplace

Replacement of firebrick in the back of many of our fireplaces is a simple job we often get asked the question whether that plate should move up and down. This little plate is where the majority of the heat is concentrated when burning solid fuel (real fire) so on some of our fireplaces it is replaceable so it can be easily changed if it becomes damaged.
In all our years of selling fireplaces we have sold about 10 of these Cast Iron Firebricks and two of those were to the same customer.
If the fireplace has been properly back filled this firebrick should not need to be replacing as all the heat is then pushed forward into the room.
The bricks we have replaced were all because the customer or their fitters had not packed enough backfill in or left air pockets behind so the firebrick plate simply warped.
Back filling is another part I will elaborate on in another post and how to check it’s done correctly but please remember fireplace installation is not a DIY project and we strongly recommend having your fireplace installed by a qualified professional.
If you do need any advice or if your fitter wants to clarify something just contact us we are here to help you get good honest correct advice

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