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What is a decorative living flame gas fire

A question asked this morning by one of our customers as to exactly what a living flame gas fire as and more importantly to them are they realistic.
The Gallery range of Fireplaces we supply do have the option in all of our Fireplace Packages to choose gas fires as an option.
Also available on the individual fireplaces is an option to choose a gas fire
Except for the Modern Fireplaces suites section these are all living flame gas fires and are for decorative use more than a main heating appliance.
DGF fires which means decorative gas fires have a heat output of around 2.2kw so you will get some heat off it but not enough to heat any room of its own accord.
The main feature of these gas fires is for decorative purposes only and I must admit they are very realistic, when they have fully warmed up all the fibre coals glow and the flames will move around like a traditional wood burning fire without the smell and crackling though.
These particular gas trays have been designed for the Gallery range of fireplaces and work very well with them available in both mains gas and LPG (bottled gas) they have to have a real chimney or flue to expel the fumes.
Class 1 fires are chimney greater than 7″ in diameter and designed for solid fuel use
Class 2 fires can work on 5″ flexible gas liners and chimney less than 7″ but more than 5″ in diameter.
Most of the Decorative gas fires we supply will work in both flue types so if I have confused you about this just contact me if unsure.
So hope that makes a little more sense into exactly what they are and if you were to see one working I’m pretty sure you would agree they are very realistic and offer a fantastic alternative to solid fuel use for a no mess fireplace.

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