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Morrells Morwax Medium Brown


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This wax is manufactured by Morells and is the wax we use to finish our pine timber mantels.If you are wanting to get the same colour to match the surround we have supplied this is what we use,

After working in the furniture industry for the past 25 years i have found this wax to be the best with colour achieved and ease of use.

Its simple to apply with a cloth or brush and easily buffs to a shine within 10 minutes.

You can forget other brands like Briwax,Fiddes etc this is far superior to those.

Before waxing our mantels we give them a coat of our trade secret water based stain also available on our website.

Morwax is availble in Medium Brown only and the tin is 400g more than enough to keep your mantel looking good for years to come


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