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Stone Fireplaces

Stone fireplaces there is nothing quite like owning something that’s natural and quite often millions of years old, crafted from solid stone each piece is individual with its own markings and colouring.

Nothing makes a statement like a stone fireplace – it’s sturdy and solid, but it’s also beautifully crafted so it creates a stylish and practical centrepiece for whichever room you put it in.

Our range of Agean Limestone is one of the largest online and offers fireplaces in simple plain designs through to ornate mantels styles to suit all tastes.

Carrara Marble is used in the manufacture of our marble stone fireplaces and features large grand designs in a cream stone with a grey vein running through it very opulent.

Modern mantels constructed from Portugese Limestone and a range of Micro marbles complete the range we offer here at Castfireplaces.

Many styles, sizes and finishes a stone fireplace is unique and a great addition to any home.

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