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High Efficiency Fireplaces

With the cost-of-living crisis and the ever-rising gas prices is it not time to take a look at the gas fireplace you have and move to one of our higher performance gas burning fires.

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High efficiency fireplaces still retain the traditional design and now have improved efficiency so making them cheaper to run and greener so it’s a double win.

Whilst the range is currently small the fireplaces we do offer need a fire surround and we have 2 Arched inserts and 1 tiled fireplace. The higher performance gas fires for the HP inserts are available with the following gas options.

Slimline open fronted convector (class 2):
Output 2.6KW = Efficiency 44%
Open fronted convector (class 1)
Output 3.5KW = Efficiency 55.8%
Glass fronted convector (class 1)
Output 2.9KW = Efficiency 64.2%
Balanced flue
Output 3.9KW = Efficiency 94%

With an open fronted gas fire having about a figure of 33% you can see an improved figure all of the fuel options we offer and with the glass fronted convector nearly doubling its well worth spending the extra money if you use your fire a lot. So have a look through the range we offer here at Castfireplaces and see if we have a cleaner burning gas fire in a traditional cast iron insert for you.

High Efficiency Fireplaces Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a gas fire with an improved heat output

Here at Castfireplaces we do have the range of HP gas fire to fit certain fireplaces and with a heat output of 3.5KW from our open fronted convector this could add some nice warm heat to your room.

How do I stop heat escaping my room with the gas fire.

Having a glass fronted HP fires tops the heat being drawn into your chimney breast or even the cold air coming back down a chimney certainly a thought for colder rooms.

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