Marble Fireplaces

For incredible impact and sophisticated style, marble fireplaces are an excellent choice for those who want their fireplace to be a remarkable and enviable focal point. With class, sophistication and grandeur, our marble fireplaces are comprised of 100% solid marble for enduring, timeless style.

Offering both white marble fireplaces and grey marble fireplaces, Cast Fireplaces has a marble design to suit every home. Our extensive collection of this exclusive stone means that we have the perfect fireplace to suit any property period. From Georgian to Victorian, modern and contemporary, you can find the ideal marble fireplace to add style and long-lasting function to your home.

While traditional white marble fireplaces provide classic style, grey marble fireplaces add a different element of style that steers away from the traditional marble look. Both grey and white marble offer timeless style and complement a range of interior designs and décor trends. Made of 100% natural stone, you can be sure of long-lasting quality that will continue to be a focal point in your room throughout any décor changes that you make.

Why choose marble fireplaces?

As well as providing a stunning decorative feature for a home, marble fireplaces are also incredibly easy to maintain. The strength and durability mean that they are resistant to damage and cleaning can be done with a simple damp cloth.

As our solid marble fireplaces are made from 100% natural stone, each fireplace is unique with individual markings. However, if you want a more consistent finish, then Cast Fireplaces also offer the increasingly popular micro-marble fireplaces. Micro-marble uses marble powder to create a reconstituted stone which is a cheaper alternative to 100% solid marble stone.

With a variety of flawless solid marble fireplaces and a collection of micro-marble options, Cast Fireplaces has the perfect marble fireplace to suit your home and budget.