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Approved Fitters, Chimney Sweeps & Fuel Providers 2019

We are giving the opportunity for select HETAs fitters, chimney sweep & fuel providers to join our approved fitters list which directs ALL of our customers to a map of approved HETAs registered fitters & chimney sweeps in their area. If any of our said customers require a fitting service, they type in their postcode … Continued

A Buyer’s Guide To Electric Fires

Providing instant heat at the flick of a switch is reason enough to choose an electric fire for your home. As well as easy, instant heat, there are plenty of other benefits which are making electric fires an increasingly popular choice for a wide variety of homes. Electric fires are incredibly versatile, offer a range … Continued

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Wood Burning Stove Ideas

Warming, cosy and potentially cost reducing, wood burning stoves quickly win over hearts. In fact, a wood burning stove can be an incredible selling point for homes on the market.  In the UK, wood burning stoves have rapidly increased in popularity. More and more households are realising the benefit of wood burning stones. While cast … Continued

You Can Still Have A Fireplace Or Stove Without A Chimney

Many people want a fireplace or two in their homes, not just to heat their property but for aesthetic purposes too. Some may desire a wood burning fire, especially during the colder winter months, when there’s nothing better than relaxing in a nice, warm home, with a roaring fire creating a soothing glow. However, despite … Continued

The Importance of Decorating

Love it or hate it; most homeowners have undertaken home interior decorating at some point and no matter if we can or can’t decorate our home due to renting restrictions or cost, most of us dream of improving our home decor to suit our taste, style, personality and even to suit the house itself. To … Continued

Broseley Stove range cheaper than ever

As we work away on our website Broseley Stoves have decided to abandon the RRP Retail price which means Online retailers can now discount them to pass on the savings to the general public, so we have cut the prices on the whole range and made them far more affordable. We have also added the … Continued

Freestanding FDC Mark II Stoves now in stock

As FDC stockists at Castfireplaces we are pleased to say the new FDC freestanding Mark II stoves are now available for our customers to purchase. Now how can you improve a good stove I thought to myself I really rate FDC and the quality they produce so much so I even own one at home. … Continued

Villager Stoves available for sale online

Here at Castfireplaces we are expanding the range of stoves we offer to our customers and have added the Arada collection to our website, we have listed already the “Timeless Classics” which includes the full Villager and Esprit range. We do have these on display in our showroom at Langley Mill and I’m pleased to … Continued