Modern Fireplaces

A fireplace often forms the focal point of a room and has done for many years. People in modern homes however sometimes feel that maybe traditional fireplaces don’t have a place. The good news is that there are plenty of contemporary fireplace options that can provide the style and heat required to have the best of both worlds.

Having a modern home doesn’t mean compromising on the cosy glow and warmth that a fireplace can bring. We supply a full range of modern fireplaces to suit any taste and fuel type. The best part is that a modern fireplace might be more energy efficient than more traditional options, so installation doesn’t have to be a big investment.

Our range of contemporary fireplaces come with neutral colours and clean, sleek lines which provide a stunning backdrop to your property. We use Portuguese limestone and micro marble which look fabulous once fitted. Our customers can choose from a range of arch styles and mantels of all sizes along with panels and a hearth. View our full range of contemporary fireplaces below

Fuel types for contemporary fireplaces

A modern fireplace doesn’t necessarily restrict the fuel type you can use for your fireplace but there may be some considerations. Talk to us about what you are hoping to achieve, and we can help you find the best solution.

Modern Gas Fires

A modern gas fireplace might be one of the best ways of heating a room. They tend to be extremely efficient and you don’t always require a flue. We offer flueless gas fires so if your room doesn’t have one already this may be an option. Modern homes don’t even have to have a chimney breast either, so it is not always the case that structural changes need to be done before installing a gas fireplace.

Modern Electric Fires

For the quickest and simplest way of installing a fireplace to a modern home then an electric fire could be just the thing. A modern electric fire can be installed almost anywhere as long as there is an electric source close by. Electric fires don’t need any ventilation and they can pretty much go on any wall so they’re a flexible solution for modern homes.

Modern Fire Surrounds

Our range of modern Limestone or micro marble fire surrounds are a fresh and innovative solution for contemporary properties. They make a huge statement while still providing warmth and elegance.

We can offer several styles and designs so there is plenty of choices to suit most decors. Our fire surrounds can be coupled with a granite hearth to give a bold and striking finish to any room in your home.

We are confident that our range of modern fire surrounds will find you spoilt for choice as we have many options for contemporary properties. Our team at Cast Fireplaces would be happy to help you identify the best modern fireplace for your home.

We understand that traditional fireplaces may not work for a new build or modern home. We have carefully selected our range of modern fireplaces to ensure that there is something for everyone. Our selection with plain and neutral colours means that our customers can choose something very simplistic and minimalist or add detailing that will give just the right balance for an ultra-stylish yet modern surround.