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A Festive fireplace picture from my sister

So my sister has a fireplace from Castfireplaces and the model she has is one called the Derby Fireplace.
A lovely cast iron combination fireplace but a terrible name being a Forest fan.
She has the full polished version which we no longer sell and recently converted this to a real wood burning fireplace after using it for gas for many years.
About a week ago I see she had posted a picture on Facebook off the fireplace decorated for Christmas and a lovely coal fire blazing away heating her room.
It is far better than her husband Pauls Christmas fireplace we posted a few years ago whilst he was working on a building site in the horribly cold winter of 2010.
As the fireplace is the main focal point of a room it’s a centrepiece to decorate when it comes to chrimbo please be aware flammable items do need to be a good distance from the flames as not to catch fire
So I thought it would be fun to compare the artistic designs of my sister and her hubby to see what our customers thinks of their ways of decorating a fireplace.
Take a look at the pictures below and see which you would prefer in your front room

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