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A flue size on your stove is important

So when choosing a new stove to avoid some expensive work if you already have a register plate fitted or a flue liner in place it’s important to find out what existing flue size you have.
The reason for this is the fact that you cannot reduce in flue size say going from a 6″ flue on the top of a multifuel stove to say a 5″ liner.
It’s not good practice as the stove will not work correctly and the fumes will not able to escape correctly and will more than likely cause damage to your stove.
Castfireplaces do not sell flue reducing adapters we do have increasing adapters for going from 5″ to 6″ as this is what is normally done.
The rule of thumb is never decrease in size always increase it’s perfectly normal to have a 5″ flue collar on say a Firefox 5 stove and then use 6″ chimney liner and use an increasing adapter to connect the two.
So if you do have a 5″ flued stove and you have fitted register plate etc. and you do not wish to disturb what you already have in place it is far easier if you choose a stove with a 5″ flue pipe.
As is normal the bigger the heat output of the stove the larger the flue pipe as more fumes need to be vented away so we also can offer a 6″ to 7″ adapter should anyone require one of those.
If you need any help and advice regarding your chimney requirements just give us a call we are here to help

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