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A method for cleaning a marble fireplace

Marble fireplaces are a great means of improving both the look and feel of your home. As well as bringing actual warmth, a real fire brings a warm, welcoming atmosphere too.
Marble is a great material for fireplaces as it is fairly easy to care for. Despite this, it is still important to know the right way to go about cleaning it.
Equipment that will come in handy includes cloths, mild soap, sponges, marble cleaner and marble sealer. When dealing with a fresh stain, you should first blot up any liquid and dry the area. This should be sufficient to deal with a spillage.
For older stains, you will need to use warm, soapy water. Wipe stains gently, but do not scrub them. You can then blot with a clean cloth and see whether you’ve managed to remove the mark. If not, repeat the process.
As a final step, you can use marble cleaner and sealer. This will return the marble to its best, preserving the natural finish and will ensure that you have a great looking fireplace that can remain the centrepiece of the room.

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