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All solid fuel fireplaces and stoves need tempering

Good Evening
When you have had a new cast iron fireplace or stove installed it is essential you temper it and follow the this guideline.
Now your new solid fuel appliance is installed it is very tempting to ignore this advice and get burning a large fire straight away.
As I type this blog it’s another cold day and I was the same today after having our Firefox 12 suite commissioned by our HETAS registered fitter I wanted to try it out.
So what is tempering a fire then I hear you ask.
Well this is the process which basically runs in your stove which involves having a few small fires we recommend three to allow the moisture in the cast to slowly dry out and any firebricks to completely dry out too.
It is quite usual for fireplaces and stoves to smell and smoke a little whilst this process is taking place just make sure you have plenty of ventilation whilst doing this.
Once this initial “burning in” process is taking place do not use any coal on the fireplace just wood only gradually increasing the size of the fire.
I would suggest doing this over 3 days allowing it to cool down in between and making the fires larger each time, this is basically to condition the cast iron so it is used to getting hot.
After this process has been completed the fire is ready to be used to its full capacity burning whatever fuel you like without worry of damaging the item.
Today I have had the first fire in our showroom Firefox 12 Stove and I will light it again tomorrow and once more on Saturday and then try it out Monday to see if it will heat the showroom without the doors and false ceiling in.
Do not forget after not using the fireplace or stove over the summer to repeat this process before starting it again for winter, the reason for this is cast iron is porous and will absorb moisture from the air that is the reason why left untreated it rusts very quickly.
Right that’s todays lesson done in tempering your fire I’m off to stoke up our Tiger Plus at home which is roaring away I’m not getting cold this evening

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