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Are Glass and Firebricks covered under stove warranty

Good afternoon here at Castfireplaces we sell the gallery range of fireplaces and stoves and all the items we sell are covered under 12 months warranty.
When this applies to the stoves all parts of the stove are under warranty except the Glass and the Firebricks, this is because they are classed as consumable items within the stove and are designed to be replaced with wear and tear.
The back bricks are prone to cracking and we covered this in an earlier item explaining that it will not damage the stove.
Most of the brick damage is caused by throwing in logs or coal against them as they are clay they will simply crack we cannot replace these under warranty as they are parts they are designed to be replaced.
Glass is also not covered under warranty as it will not break under normal use and can only be damaged by mechanical damage they are designed to be used under high temps and will not crack from this use.
The bars, grates, baffle plates and the stove itself is covered under warranty should you have any problems which is very rare so if for any reason you do have a problem with your gallery stove within the 12 months of sale please contact us so we can arrange to sort it out for you.

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