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Balanced Flue Cast Iron Gas Fireplaces

You desire a cast iron fireplace but have no chimney or flue system and want to mount the fireplace on an external wall here at Castfireplaces we have an option that may just work out for you.
With the introduction of the H/E gas fires last year from the Gallery range they also have designed a new H/E gas fire that works on a balanced flue.
I’m afraid it’s not the cheapest of options but this unit is ideal for customers requiring a traditional looking arched fireplace but are without a traditional chimney.
They still work out far cheaper than having a fan system which was very expensive and also pretty noisy.
So Gallery fireplaces have introduced new models to help sort this problem out
Castfireplaces can now offer the following fireplaces to be used in any of our 3″ rebated mantels
Jubilee H/E Arch
Lytton H/E Arch
Toulouse H/E Tiled
Pembroke H/E Combination
All of these fireplaces can be used with the balanced flue system so they do not require a chimney breast and can be vented to an external wall.
These fireplaces are only available from our Showroom and are not items that are to be sold online so please contact us to arrange viewing and Castfireplaces can discuss the relevant options with you.

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