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Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

Fireplaces in the lounge area and the dining room are common sights, even in modern, new-build properties. Prior to the introduction of central heating in the 1930s, properties were built with fireplaces across the whole house, including the bedrooms, however during the 1970s and 1980s they were deemed unfashionable and removed with the breasts boarded up, meaning that if your property is old enough, behind layers of wallpaper and boards, you may find a chimney breast lurking.
However, this doesn’t mean that you can only have one if you live in an older property and there are a range of modern alternatives available. Current design trends are encouraging the resurgence of bedroom fireplaces and there’s a host of reasons why:

A Touch of Luxury

They serve as a focal point in any room and the bedroom is no exception. Fireplaces add a luxurious, decadent and cosy feel to any room and with there being so many different materials and ideas to choose from, you can perfectly tailor a bedroom fireplace to match and compliment the aesthetics of the room. Further personalisation can be added in the form of decorations above such as candles on the mantel piece for a classic, sophisticated look, or framed pictures and art hanging above. Our top tip is to try to make this look symmetrical to avoid the space looking cluttered.
we also recommend purchasing one without a hearth as they tend to look better when they are level with the floorboards and are more compact as they remove the need for additional space, though this is dependent on the size and shape of the room. Most original Victorian houses will already have tiles that are set at the same level as the wooden floors in your bedrooms, next to the chimney breasts. These are what the originals sat on. This type of tiles is pretty common and is ideal for sitting a combination fireplace on.
If the exiting tiles are damaged, we recommend just tiling over these with slates or granite tiles available from tile shops, the advantages being that you can personalise these to the design of the room at a cheaper price than buying a granite hearth, again while maximising space in the room.

A Dash of Heat

Imagine lying in bed on a cold Sunday morning, the rain lashing against the window and the wind howling. The warm of a real fire will add additional heat, giving the room a romantic and cosy feel, something that can’t be replicated by modern central heating.
As is the case with any room, there are regulations and safety considerations to take into consideration. We advise having a professional fitter undertake this work for you to ensure that the installation conforms with regulations and is safe.
View our full range, or for more advice or ideas about fireplaces in your bedroom please contact us.

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