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Brick Fireplace Ideas

A brick fireplace can be a common yet underused feature in UK homes. Looking at brick fireplace ideas might seem like they would naturally be the main room focus but at the same time, they also need an interior design scheme that will accentuate the cool structure and yet complement the feature when in use and when not.
Brick fire designs tend to act as the main feature when first entering a room where one is situated in the home. With such a main attraction it might be difficult to know how best to decorate around it and still have the soothing, warm tones of a cosy fire.
We have compiled some décor suggestions when choosing brick fireplace designs:

Neutral decoration on walls

When painting or wallpapering a room with a brick fireplace it could be a good choice to pick a separate colour or attractive patterned wallpaper to go on the chimney breast wall.  This then makes a feature wall with the fireplace on and therefore instantly creates a focal point for the room. This could work on any size room but is more commonly used in smaller spaces to break up the room and to create the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. The remaining walls can be painted or papered in neutral or complementary tones that then give clean and fresh space to really support the brick fireplace wall. Keeping the walls clear of pictures and other wall décor or keeping them to a minimum also helps to maintain the illusion of size.

Clear unfussy windows

When having a brick fireplace it is best to keep other decoration to simple, clear lines that keep the room simple yet elegant. Heavy set curtains that have lots of detail or fuss can make a room overcomplicated and full of unnecessary layers. Avoiding clogging the windows with complex blinds or curtain arrangements also means there is more natural light available and this is likely to point people towards the brick fire, especially on a chilly day.

Choose the best supporting features

Selecting the best furniture to support your brick fireplace choice can be another tricky decision. Finding a balance between having the furniture you need to house and display your belongings and something that complements the brick fireplace is key. This is why we suggest plain and simple colours and pastel or neutral shades to really perfect the room. One of our favourites is a cosy Sherlock armchair with matching footstool to relax in front of a roaring fire.
Our range of brick fire designs can be found on our website and we hope you’ll find something that you are dreaming of for your home. We’re confident that a brick fireplace from our selection will get your guests talking and will be the best solution for many years to come. If you are choosing a brick fireplace for your home we would be happy to help you find the right one for you.

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