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British gas profits down i wonder why

So listening to the news today I heard a story about the profits of British Gas and the fact there profits at the British Gas Residential division are forecast to come in at £551m, which would be a 26pc decline on 2010 and the lowest level in three years, due to lower consumption in the mild winter.
Now whilst I agree it has been a very mild winter for us all it certainly has not affected sales in solid fuel fireplaces and stoves as they have again risen over the last 12 months.
This has got to have some effect on gas consumption as most of customers say when buying a solid fuel fireplace or stove that they are keen to cut the gas bill and reduce gas consumption.
People are sick and tired of being ripped off by these huge energy companies charging what they like and with price increases that customers cannot really afford with thousands of people in fuel poverty I’m convinced it will have something to do with it.
When you think of the amount of fireplaces and stoves bought all over the UK from which ever shop you buy them from that’s a huge amount of customers continually switching fuel sources.
Not only is it a far better heat than a radiator you have control over the price you pay for your fuel or if you have a source of wood even free fuel so take a look at the range of stoves and fireplaces we offer and save your hard earned money too.

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