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Caframo eco fans arrive on our website

So you have a woodburning or multi fuel stove and would like to save some money on your fuel whether you burn wood or coal. How do you go about this?
The answer is by using an Eco fan. With fuel savings of up to 18%, there has never been a better time to invest in one.
Manufactured by Caframo, we stock the Ecofan 800 Original and the Ecofan 810 Ultra Air.
We sell both on our website for our customers to purchase and I have personally tried the 810 at home and can honestly say they work I was impressed with how quiet the fan is. The whole room does feel warmer and more importantly it all seems to be at the same temperature and the stove chamber does not get as warm.
I am convinced these work as Caframo state and I’m very happy to sell them on our website to our customers knowing that it’s not a gimmick.
So with fuel savings tested between 12% to 18% you would be a fool not to purchase one of these Eco fans. You will get your money back quickly and enjoy a more regulated heat from your stove.
The image below shows a simulation of heat using an ecofan and also without an eco fan

heat simulation eco

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