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Can we buy Stain to treat other woodwork like your fireplace mantel

Hello you delivered me a fireplace last week and we were wondering what stain and wax you use to get that antique colour as we have some skirting and doors etc. and would like them to match the colour we have on our pine mantel.
If I had a pound for every time I have heard this I would be retired by now.
Such is the lovely finish we achieve on our timber mantels it’s no surprise our customers want to match other woodwork to them.
I’m afraid you cannot buy it in any supermarket it really is a trade secret mix which only a few men know, I wish it was it would be amusing.
It is a water based stain mixed by ourselves to a certain strength made with Van Dyke Crystals (nothing to do with Dick I’m afraid).
We then use morrels Medium Brown Wax for the top coat which gives them the fantastic look to them.
We can supply the stain for anyone wishing to stain timber themselves and the wax is available on our website for you to buy to keep up the appearance of your mantel or to wax timber to the same colour.
Today a customer from Burton Upon Trent has called in for some so they can stains some doors this weekend to the same finish.
So let me know if you wish to achieve the same colour and finish and I will advise you how to do it.

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