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Can We Paint a Wooden Fireplace

A wooden fireplace is something that makes us all think of a Victorian fireplace and something that looks very traditional.
The Victorians would have laughed at the way we have our timber and wooden mantels finished in a polished wax or oil to show the natural beauty of the wood.
In larger Victorian homes marble was the main choice in grander rooms with slate being used in other rooms; wood in particular was kept for servant’s quarters etc.
Wooden mantels and surrounds were never stained or waxed they would always be painted and no matter how grand the design they were considered to be a cheap option.
Our love of striped pine and oak is still very popular today and a huge amount of our customers are drawn towards wooden fireplaces when choosing something traditional for the home.
The good thing about this is they never date and I have been selling wooden mantels for over 20 years now and they are still as popular as ever.
So if you do want to paint your mantel here at Castfireplaces we can supply it unfinished ready for painting for a true reproduction of the great Victorian era.
Farrow and Ball have a fantastic range of authentic paint colours to produce a painted surround for your new fireplace

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