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Can we use Granite hearth for a real wood burning fireplace

A simple question but one we get asked quite often here at Castfireplaces as to whether our customers can use a granite hearth for solid fuel use, the answer is a yes and no and ill explain further.
Granite hearths in a single piece can not be used for soild fuel as granite has no heat resistant properties and when used under the heat from solid fuel it will simply crack down the centre, when in one single piece they are designed to be used for gas or electric use where the heat generated is not enough to damage the hearth.
So when it comes to using them for solid fuel use we do what is called cut and slabbed, basically the hearth is cut into sections for solid fuel use with it being in 4 sections and it also has 4 little heat plates at the rear of the hearth to absorb more of the heat.
These simple joints allow for expansion and contraction in the hearth so it will not split, the underneath of these hearth is also filled with a vermiculite cement base to dissapate the heat throught the hearth.
There is no other solution for it these joints have to be there to ensure the hearth does not crack it is the same for slate too as this is also a natural stone.
So i hope this makes sense a little bit more now and if you are in doubt please contact us

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