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Cast Backs or Fibre Backs for Gas Fires

Good afternoon and I’m back sat in the office after loading our vans this morning at our warehouse in Langley Mill and I was catching up with a few emails and a customer’s enquiry made me stop and think.
They were asking why we used a fibre back for gas use on our tiled fireplaces and a cast iron one on our arches.
Well the reason for this all our arched fireplaces come with a shaped cast iron back dedicated to that particular arch and they all have a damper flap that sits at the top of them.
With the tiled fireplaces they do have the option of a cast iron back for solid fuel use and we also supply a fibre back for gas use.
The reason for this is that when using a gas fire more heat is radiated into the room when using a fibre back as it does not absorb as much of the heat.
They say you can gain an extra 500 watts of heat using a fibre back making the fire more efficient, that’s the main reason as to why we supply fibre backs for tiled fireplaces when using a gas fire.
Arched fireplaces do not have fibre backs made from them so come with the standard cast iron backs, hope this all makes sense and if not give us a call as usual.

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