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Cast iron Fireplace for a flat wall

Good evening just a quick post before we have friends round this evening and I have just come off the phone to a customer asking if they can use the Pembroke Full Polished Fireplace Package for electric use on a flat wall.
I’m afraid the answer is no but another online retailer has told her it can be used for this purpose.
Now where they get this idea from I have no idea as the Pembroke has a cast iron back that needs an opening in a chimney breast of 28.5″ High and 22″ Wide it also needs to be 6.5″ deep so how the hell is that going to fit on a flat wall.
This sort of incorrect advice is supplied by telesales staff that have no idea about the products they are selling and frankly companies who use this sales system should not be in business.
Choosing a fireplace or stove is not always a simple matter there are things that need to be taken into consideration such as flue types, type of fuel you intend to burn etc.
This advice needs to be obtained from someone who knows what they are on about and who has experience in the fireplace trade.
That’s why shopping at Castfireplaces is I believe the best online no lies for a sale we always give honest correct advice and pride ourselves on this.
So if you are unsure email ring us or even write to us we can make sure you do not make a costly mistake and as for the lady in question she now has a Barcelona fascia panel and electric fire on order and is happy she phoned Castfireplaces

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