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Cast Iron Soot Doors Available from Cast Fireplaces

There are many different ways to install a wood burning stove or Fireplace and all good profesional retailers and installers will tell you that you need access to your flue or chimney to clean it and to remove and soot buildup.
If using a flue liner this can be swept through the stove without a problem so thats fine, however if you are using no flue liner you will have to gain access to your chimney brest to allow the soot to be cleaned away after sweeping.
There are two easy ways to do this either to buy a Register Plate with a sweeping hatch theat can be removed so it can be cleaned on top of the plate as the ones we sell on our website or to buy a Soot Door which is cut into the chimney breast and allows a good access to the chimney breast.
Both ways are ideal for accessing the original chimney and the method you choose is down to you, i personally prefer the soot door if its on an external wall so it can be fitted outside.
So have a look at both items we offer and see which method you prefer
These are made from Cast Iron and fix simply into the chimney breast, i am sure you will find us very competitive on this item and we have sold 20 9″ x 9″ soot doors today to a trade firm in Newcastle thats how good we are on price
Do not forget if you need any advice before or after buying your Fireplace or Stove we are on hand to answer any of your questions

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