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Castfireplaces and Local Sponsorship for Barca Lions

As some of you may know last year we sponsored our U7 football club with the shirts and this year Castfireplaces have gone a little further, not with the same club I’m afraid this year Jaiden my son is playing for a new team.
Ladies and Gentleman I’m proud to say welcome to Barca Lions.
Set up by one of my best friends Paul Matthews I have decided to join them and help with the running of the club and am now the chairman.
Again we are the proud kit sponsors with our company name across the very nice orange shirts we now play in, as a brand new club starting from scratch we have had to register with the FA sort out a league to play in.
Kit has had to be ordered along with balls, cones, bibs, football nets, training clothes and jackets and the list goes on and on.
Very expensive and time consuming it has been and we are nearly all sorted for the start of the season, most of our suppliers and people we work with in the fireplace trade have been tapped up for donations and I’m pleased to say they have really helped us out with the pledges of money.
So I will tell you all some more news soon about our little community project when we are ready and Castfireplaces are very proud of what we are helping to achieve

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