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Castfireplaces Granite Cheaper than B&Q

Here at Castfireplaces we sell granite hearths and panels on our website these are made from Grade A Absolute black granite which is the best quality you can buy.
At B&Q the granite they supply is more expensive than ours and the quality is nowhere near as good, I know this as I have been to our local B&Q to check out what they have on offer and to be honest I would have expected more from such a large chain.
The granite they supply has large specks of grey in it and is not as black as the granite we supply, here at Castfireplaces we never compromise on quality just to get a cheaper price ours really is the best granite you can buy.
So with our granite hearths starting at £86 and granite hearths and panel sets at £185 you can also save money on B&Q prices and also get a far better quality product too.
So take a look through our fireplace website and see what other prices we can beat the main superstores on not just for quality but also price, I’m pretty sure you will be surprised when shopping at Castfireplaces how much money it will save you.

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