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Castfireplaces help put some fireplaces back into edwardian property

A little story today from one of our customers who I have met on a few occasions over the years and Bill has renovated his current home and has had three fireplaces from us for renovations the last two years as he worked his way through the home.
It’s always nice to have some feedback from our customers and I do enjoy reading about the homes history and the fact Castfireplaces have helped to achieve the overall look to the home.
As a fireplace is a main focal point for the room it’s important to get it right. Anyway here’s Bills story
Many thanks for all your help and service over the past few years as I have tried to put some of the “Eeeeee….” back into Edwardian via gallery fireplaces supplied by CastFireplaces
Our house was originally built by the builder Henry Fanshaw (school name) for himself. Although it is on Chatsworth Road, the tradesmen’s entrance / back door faces the main road and the front door and hall face south over the brook and up onto the moors so downstairs it is back to front. The 1st floor is more normal and the 2nd floor was originally bedrooms for the maids but I used it as an office and now my den as the Maid alias Management sleeps in my bed!
The house way back in the 1920s was bought for the Watch Committee for the Chief Constable and so it became a police house until the 1980s. Many modifications to the house were made over the years not all for the best though I am glad gas lights were exchanged for electricity; if only they had removed the lead pipes in the wall when they did it.
One of the occupants of the house was Percy Sillitoe who was the Chief Constable of Chesterfield. He went on to be CC of Sheffield ridding the city of the “Buffer Girl” gangs and more. He went on to be the CC of Glasgow ridding the city of the razor gangs though my sister’s boyfriend received some 50 stitches in his face circa 1950; we lived there from 1948 to 52 before moving to sedate and placid York. Percy Sillitoe went on to be the CC of Kent before heading up MI6. After his retirement he advised DeBeers diamond mines on security matters. He met and was friends with Ian Fleming and it is believed the James Bond 007 was based upon Percy Sillitoe.
I do appreciate that “Cast iron is forever…” but “Diamonds are forever…” has a better ring to it even if the cast iron is not cracked like me.
Attached are pictures of the Daisy, Pembroke and Toulouse + Palmerston fireplaces in situ for you to select as appropriate for your gallery and the Tiletec soldiers that solved a difficult matching problem that matched the softer bricks of the front door arch.
Many thanks to Cast Fireplaces
So as you can see the home does have a good history and to add some period style fireplaces of the type that would have been there adds to it I think so take a look at Bills photos and see what you think

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