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Castfireplaces owner proud father today

Today is my birthday and here at Castfireplaces as it’s a Sunday it’s the quietest day of the week which is nice and so far have had a really good day.
Castfireplaces sponsor the team Jaiden plays for which is Barca Lions U8s we have today been at home playing Aspley at home and won 7-3 which was nice.
So why am I the proudest father today wells it’s not fireplace or stove related I’m afraid today again is about family, something we hold in our work values too.
Our family firm offers the best service online when looking to buy a fireplace and I’m proud of our family business and what we do.
So Jaiden who is one of our defenders decides he’s going to give Dad the best birthday present ever and scores his first goal for Barca Lions all this on my birthday.
He then runs towards me pulling up his shirt to reveal the message HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD spelt out on his under layer, what a present talk about emotions I was well and truly choked and emotional.
That’s me made up for ever in such a simple motion my day could not be any better, I know it’s not really fireplace related but we are real people here at Castfireplaces and thought I would share this with our blog readers.

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