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Check You Carbon Monoxide Alarm

So you have your log burning or multi fuel stove installed and all is running well and as it’s a cold evening you have it burning away heating the home very nicely.
Just a quick thought if you are reading this when was the last time you checked your Carbon Monoxide Alarm I bet it was weeks ago.
Right go and do it now these things are life savers and all have test buttons to make sure they’re functioning correctly.
It is the Law now to have one installed wherever there is a solid fuel appliance and these are designed to give an early warning if any Carbon Monoxide is present.
This is very serious it really is a silent killer and an alarm is your only chance of detection it doesn’t smell and you cannot see it so test your alarm weekly.
Castfireplaces do sell these carbon monoxide alarms on our website for our customers to buy and £25 is very cheap for something that could save your life.
A carbon alarm is there to protect you and your family and not a device to be used by DIY Dan in case the stove you fitted yourself is not working correctly.
Either way test your alarm and be safe.

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